Finally be leaving the place after 1, 2012, it became. Such as red and white 〇 battle and variety of specials Speaking of New Year’s Eve, interesting TV Lots! But, I do not lose Even HEYZO! Decorate the year last and Nozomi Hazuki-chan of the fair-skinned beauty, is the emergence original Pretty, Tasso that Tachibana Hinata-chan of two people formed a super-strong tag again! Previous work in the two people who gave me showing off a thick lesbian play is as it is at the time of momentum, this time Moteasobi the one lucky male. Man of gentle manners kun to withstand a desperate relentless attack of two horny goddess to the words Trombone care Tsu S plenty. Just and its reward, the second half will be Hamehame in various Positions alternately two people! Oh, enviable. . . Come the year last worthy HEYZO original work, please enjoy! Once you try to pay Nuqui in HEYZO but TV good?


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