CRB48 Fan Appreciation planning! Narumiya Ruri-chan without apo to your house of fans visit wedding dress! Since June, it will loan the June Bride Ruri-chan as a bride one day. Dotadota in the residential area, is pretty trot, such that so can exercise. Since the bride costume in a residential area went without making a very sound because too suspiciously. I want you to make a firm tone when shackle dick w immediately assault on your home fans. Ambush entered into freely by the duplicate key. When the fly out in front of the fans came back, fans Don argument. But there is because it is Ruri Narimiya no trespassing, not Na no problem. First of all dishes. Ruri-chan of home cooking that boast this on the battlefield cameraman also surprised the slow tempo and cooking is good even if visible, what ham and eggs (cooking LEVEL1). It is not good at cooking as long as they see a cleanly. w Well Ruri-chan private can imagine would you like me to hospitality in the married life pretend night really in good at.


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